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Kids Clothing Made In Spain

Spanish kids clothing made in Spain by designers

Baby Bloom Kids, kids garments 100% made in Spain. We are proud to offer original clothes for children, completely made in Spain. Mother and daughter design whole collections for children inspired in their journeys all along the main fashion cities in Europe.


They personally decide for the best fabrics, not only for their quality but also regarding colors, prints, sublimate fabrics. Sometimes, they recall memories of their own childhood to get inspired and be able to design and make the very best and beautiful children garments.


All of their collections are made in Spain. With an eye in detail. They have small workshops in Spain where they let their imagination fly, and create the very best collection for children. They take care of the smallest details in each and every garment of their collections.


Discover kids clothing in the latest season collections made by Kika Hafner Rein and her daughter Beatriz Mira Hafner. Explore clothes, the very best kid’s clothes! Shop for fashionable and affordable kids clothing at Baby Bloom Kids. Explore our assortment of children tops, pants and more available in sizes for babies and children from 2 to 9 years old.


Don’t forget to take a look at all our accessories, nightwear, shoes, t-shirts, skirts for a complete set. Enjoy shopping on adorable kids' clothes from our unique models. Find kids' jeans, tops, sweaters, dresses and dress pants and more.


Keep your kids looking adorable with the latest styles! Browse our cute and comfy outfits. Why not try to make your children look awesome at affordable prices? Don't let yourself be tricked. You can get the best clothes, with outstanding accessories at affordable prices. Want to be the one everybody talks about? Come and shop at one of our shops in Spain. We are waiting for your visit!

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