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Fashion Kids

Get the latest for your children

Baby Bloom Kids is widely compromised with children. With the way you can make kids feel at ease with what they are wearing and how they are looking in different environments.


Kika Hafner Rein and her daughter Beatriz Mira Hafner are always trying to get involved with the latest trends. They travel a lot to get the best from every country fashion shows. They like being involved in the selection of fabrics, colors, designs and then, hands on! They start creating to make your child look the best.


Fashion brands shape the quality of better individual and leads towards a better life. These two awesome designers work hard to populate their shops with the latest and most beautiful garments for children.


Not to mention accessories. At their outstanding shops you will be able to find many accessories to complete excellent attire for your child. Let him/her feel comfortable and well-dressed at affordable prices with Baby Bloom Kids clothes.


They have shops in different cities in Spain. Clothes completely made in Spain by Spanish designers. Quality garments for kids, at hand.


Of course you can enjoy shopping on adorable kids' clothes from our unique models. Find kids' jeans, tops, sweaters, dresses and dress pants and more, but in case you are too busy we offer the opportunity to buy at And, just in case you are not fully happy with your purchase, you can change it as easy as sending an email.


Give yourself the opportunity to find kids clothing in the latest season collections made by Kika Hafner Rein and her daughter Beatriz Mira Hafner. Explore clothes, the very best kid’s clothes!


Shipping worldwide is another of our big differences with the rest. And free shipping in Spain for purchases over 35€.

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