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Baby Clothing

Get the latest for your babies, all over Spain

Baby Bloom Kids, kids garments 100% made in Spain. We are proud to offer original clothes for babies, completely made in Spain. Kika Hafner Rein and her daughter Beatriz Mira Hafner design whole collections for babies inspired in their journeys all along the main fashion cities in Europe.


Not only are they dedicated to the design and making of babies clothes, they also enjoy designing cushions, covers, and everything for the babies’ cradles.


They travel a lot to get the best from every country fashion shows. They like being involved in the selection of fabrics, colors, designs and then, hands on! They start creating to make your baby look the best. Comfortable, beautiful, fashionable clothes and accessories for your babies.


Booties, baby overalls, shirts, shirts, pants, overalls, dresses, knitwear, everything ready to wear by your baby from 0 to 18 months old.

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